Why Roman Polanski needs to come back and face the music

Photo by Film Servis Festival Karlovy Vary

The sudden arrest of Roman Polanski in Switzerland came as a surprise to many. Having been “on the run” since 1978, few thought that he would ever be caught and returned to the United States. Nothing is certain, but the Swiss seem to be fairly committed to adhering to procedure and extraditing him to the United States.  Whatever sympathies people have over the miscarriage of justice that occurred in the past, we should not forget the simple fact that Mr. Polanski raped a child and then fled the United States to escape the decision of the court.

It is likely that had Mr. Polanski remained in the country, the charges would have been thrown out on appeal because the staggering amount of evidence supports his claims of judicial misconduct. However, choosing to flee and refusing to admit the simple fact that he committed a crime is a giant middle finger to the American legal system. He has stoked a fire that would have burned out long ago had he remained in California.

Roman Polanski should be forced back to the United States not because of the crime he committed to Samantha Geimer but because he has spat in the face of the American justice system. Unfortunately the time to seek justice for his initial crime has long since past: any attempts now would be tarnished by the farce that was the previous trial. The government will never stop calling for his return to Los Angeles. The fact that he raped a 13 year old and then fled makes this impossible. Mr. Polanski should return and face the music so that this dark saga can finally be brought to a close and all parties involved can move on with their lives.

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