Creative Submission: Joseph Forbes Shows That Personal Connection is in Our ‘DNA’

By Joseph Forbes

There’s something somehow saddening
In all of this
Twisted double-helix structure drowned in self-deception
Poisoned by indecision
Broken by intuition
Intertwined by nature, torn apart by force
Tell ourselves we haven’t time to fear what might be lost

“Do Not Ask” I say
Why I haven’t called, written, telegraphed, or ‘dropped by’
Nay a fax, nor a card, not one damn memo or random Friday flower delivery boy
Not even a Yellow Friggin’ Stickie Note
How hard could it be? How long would it take?

“Do Not Ask” I say — it’s in my DNA
I’m genetically late
One month premature
I’ve got time
We’ll have time
Sometime sooner or later
We’ll catch up
When life slows down a bit…

And there you go, speeding by at the speed of life
60 minutes per hour
Regardless of direction, road work, or weather conditions
As fair-weather friends wave from the side of the road
‘Would you stop and help me change this tire?’
I’m tired, and maybe it’s got nothing to do with the rain or the mud or the grime or the late hour

I’m tired of this DNA
Broken as it is, like two roads detached and winding on to nowhere
And I think if I could manage to flag you down, I’d leave it all behind
There on the side of the road
And ask you for a ride instead
We could tell jokes, and count punchbugs, and irresponsibly stuff our faces with In-and-Out burgers
And laughter
And insight
And creamy white vanilla-swirling milkshakes

And even if we get a little carried away and die in a horrible flaming car crash
At least we could say we didn’t die alone
On the side of the road, trying to change a tire in the rain
As some guy swerves to dodge a deer and takes me out instead
The road was windy, you see, and slick, and poorly lit
So it was *probably* an accident, but it’s hard to know these days
And besides, guilt only lasts so long
No, I’d much rather die driving, perhaps even passengering
Assuming you know where we’re going
Because I hate to be the backseat driver
And I trust you… and God I wish she would just step on it

Yeah, I know: Life’s a Journey, Not a Destination
What’s the rush, right? We’re already here!
Winding down the same road
Intertwined by nature
Bonded by the little things
Entirely unable to deny or deceive or posit or poison what brought us together on that windy road, that rainy night, that dark and muddy and unsure time
Exposed to the elements
And here you are and let me in and now I’m warm again

So go ahead, Ask me…
I want you to know that I don’t have a good answer
And I’ll call you sometime
And maybe we’ll go for a drive
For old time’s sake

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