Not All Hope is Lost for the Red Sox

Red Sox
The Red Sox are in a competitive league to try to bring another pennant to Fenway Park. | Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Although it’s still early in the season, MLB right now is, for lack of a better description, kind of crazy. Every team is having their moments of really stepping it up, and it’s making the league all the more competitive. It’s still early enough that no team has fallen too far behind, and the ones that are behind are trying as hard as they can not to stay there, giving better teams a run for their money in the process.

That being said, it makes the Red Sox look worse than they are. The AL East is an extremely competitive league. With the usually-shaky Orioles consistently hovering around the top, it can be said that there’s not a single bad team in the league. All five teams have winning percentages at .500 or higher. It seems as though people aren’t noticing that. That, and after a six-game win streak, the Sox are sporting similar records to other solid teams such as the Phillies and the Tigers. The Phillies are in a similar situation to the Sox. They’re sitting in fourth place in the NL East, with the top three teams having a winning percentage over .500.

A Bleacher Report article from Tuesday said the Red Sox were on the verge of their worst season in years. They made some good points about the fact the Jacoby Ellsbury is hurt, our bullpen might be the least consistent in the league, and we have no solid leadership. For one thing, they fail to mention that Cody Ross and Ryan Sweeney are finding a pretty good spot in the outfield and at the plate. But either way, they’ve condemned the Sox to fail far too early. There’s still time to get the team glued back together. Even when Andrew Bailey is expected to return, after the All-Star break in July, there’s still a good amount of baseball left to be played in the season. As for the leadership, it may take fans a while to warm up to Bobby Valentine, but once he really connects with the players, the wins will start coming.

The Red Sox are usually a team that cannot really be talked about until late in the season. They tend to have trouble finding their footing at the start of any season. What it really comes down to is if they can find it with enough time to find a spot in the playoffs.

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