An Index of Guides: Orienting (or Reorienting) to BU

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Whether you’re a deer-in-the-headlights first semester freshman or a know-it-all senior, re-acclimating to college and city living after months on your parents’ couch can be a toughie. The Quad archives are chock full of the lifehacking tips, tricks and tools of the BU trade you need to make this year amazing, whether you have eight semesters ahead of you or are clinging to your final days of college.

For the Freshmen

Orienting to BU: The Complete Collector’s Edition: This guide links to all of the installments of The Quad‘s Jon Erik Christianson’s Orienting to BU series, with information on everything from staying safe, living with a roommate, and the importance of being (at least a bit of) a social media junkie at BU.

BU Lifehacking: Freshman Edition

A Freshman’s Guide to Acronyms at BU

For The Seniors

“It’s Who You Know”: Networking During Undergrad

How to Get a Job After Graduation

…And for Everyone in Between

An Accepted Student’s Guide to BU: Don’t let the name of this guide fool you. The Accepted Students’ Guide, from our last issue of last academic year, is broken down into subcategories helpful for BU kids of all years. The food section will help you find your favorite Boston coffee shop and teach you how to “create your own dining hall meal.” Just in time for the first week of classes, the Living in Boston section features a story on navigating Comm Ave.





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