Guys Grow Moustaches and Raise Money this “Movember”

Before I start this piece, I’d like to apologize to the women who do not appreciate the “upper lip caterpillar,” as some have come to call the moustache. What we men find cool and distinguishing, you may find only annoying and odd. I only hope that you may understand a man’s affinity towards Movember and that it is more than just half-assing when shaving.

The moustache should be referred to as a distinguished and loved thing. It is hair, making it a fashionable and affordable accessory. It only takes time and a decent number of active follicles above your upper lip. There are so many different styles to it, from slight and slim to loud and robust. Allow this video to show you how many options you have.

In turn, the once-a-year challenge that some men take upon themselves in November makes growing a moustache more intriguing. This is a part of the idea behind Movember.

Originating in Melbourne, Australia, it began in 2003 with two guys who just wanted to bring back the mustache. It grew from there to include 30 men, and the next year, part of the original group make it into a charitable venture. The beneficiary–the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Nonetheless, Movember has become a worldwide phenomenon, done by many men around the world. It already is sponsored by Foster’s, the well-known Australian beer. It has also gained a celebrity following and has been joked about on The Office. It has found a celebrity endorser in one of the greatest men to ever have a moustache—Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson, of the critically acclaimed Parks and Rec. In several videos, he encourages men to partake in Movember as a sign of manliness, like Swanson would encourage the men around him to. Moustaches are, in simple word, epic.

As well, Movember is a worldwide foundation dedicated not only to prostate cancer, but also other men’s health issues like mental health. It also decides to which organizations thousands of dollars donated each Movember go and organizes when and how groups of men decide to grow mustaches, all in an effort to raise awareness as well as money.

Some groups of men are just office mates, choosing to come together on this collaborative effort of raising money. Others are students and friends who want to raise money for a worthwhile cause in a fun way.

This is the case of the BU Roller Hockey Team, a club team captained by Mike Carpenter (ENG ’13). The group has so far raised over $300 and is hoping to raise more. The overall theme to their squad is to “change the face of men’s health.”

The team is in their second year participating in the fundraiser. They have used social media (@BURollerHockey) to foster attention for their efforts but have also done the obvious to gain notice.

“Growing a ‘stache, even during Movember, gets you some strange looks,” said Carpenter, who noted it was all fun. He uses the questions as a chance to raise awareness for his team in the hopes of further donations.

At the same time, he not only sees it as a chance to possibly grow a Hulk Hogan-esque moustache, but a bonding experience.

A photo of the team from last year during Movember. | Photo courtesy of Mike Carpenter

Thanks to differences in schedules, Carpenter noted it is hard for the team to have actual events that match everyone’s timetables.

“Movember allows us all to contribute and raise some money as a group and everyone can participate,” he said. “It helps bring us together as a team working for a goal and also laughing at some of the team members’ inadequacies. And who wouldn’t want to grow a sweet ‘stache and have a good excuse.”

The moustache is less feral than the beard, but it is just as manly while being more distinguished and refined. Movember is just an excuse to indulge in growing one while operating towards a charitable goal. And to the women who may still disagree with Movember’s existence, I only have one name for you—Burt Reynolds. Try telling that man that the caterpillar on above his lip is tacky. I dare you.

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