Reflections: “What Does Valentine’s Day Mean to You?”

REFLECTIONS is a weekly column that aims to capture the diversity of the BU population through their portraits and voices. Each week, five BU students are photographed and asked to offer their insight on a topic. The students and topics change each week.



What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?



“Valentine’s Day used to piss me off. However, recently, I started realizing that I never really take time to appreciate myself. So it’s a day I remember to eat ice cream for breakfast.” – Margaret



“It means love for yourself, others, and the world around you.” – Colby



“It’s a total marketing scheme. But I like the idea of celebrating love—might as well help the economy while we do.” – Cameron


m friend

“It’s a day where we remember to give ‘something’ to your loved ones. This ‘something’ may be love, time, jewelry or chocolate.” – Edmarie



“It is a reminder – slow down and remind your loved ones how much you care about them.” – Vivian


All photos by Marry Pivazian.

Marry Pivazian

Marry is a Los Angeles-native who studies at BU's College of Communication. She has over 30 striped articles of clothing in her closet and enjoys long bike rides along the Charles River while listening to the same records on loop.

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