BU TweetCreep: February 23rd – March 1st

Happy March, everybody! I don’t know about you guys but I’m at a loss of words. The awards season is practically over! Who will I worship now? God? That can’t be right. Certainly not this guy. Maybe Cristoph Waltz? That seems about right.

This week, America also faced the sequester. Thanks, government! As always, Congress shows us how we should live our lives and solve problems. Don’t get me wrong, I love pressing the snooze button on my alarm clock as mush as the next guy, but I don’t hook up my alarm clock to a shotgun. If I did that I’d get shot in the face. Not optimal.

What if we handled problems like that? “Hey roomie, I know we can’t decide who’s going to do which chores, but instead of compromising, let’s just say that if in two months time we haven’t washed the dishes, we’ll murder our third roommate.”

Doesn’t work. I guess the third roommate could just wash the dishes…but dishes are soooooooo haarrrd to wash.

My bad, am I talking about something outside of Commonwealth Ave? I forgot. Back to the bubble!

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/BostInno/status/307612208441982976″]

Speaking of BU buses, have any of you ever noticed those fancy limousine buses they bring around during finals week that have a piece of paper that says “BU Shuttle”?

If you ever wanted to kidnap a bunch of college students, renting a limousine and taping a piece of paper to the window of it would be the easiest way. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be a typed sign. I’d hop in a limo if its sign was written in magazine clippings! Its a limo!

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/BostonOccupier/status/305042755275616258″]

Why are they protesting the fourth floor of Mugar?

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/buseniorweek/status/307260860500422656″]

The seniors got a Twitter! Now they no longer need Life Alert when they’ve fallen and can’t get up.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/leanne_curley/status/305904917804105733″]

I love bragging! LOVE IT! At least she’s honest about it.

Must’ve been weird touring “Danny Day” around while he was researching his next role as the Comm Ave Runner.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/bualumni/status/307531956520902658″]

Not far enough! We’re finally figuring out who has furry costumes they’ve been hiding all this time. Apparently a lot of people.

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