What is “He Doesn’t Even Go Here”?

Ever spot a terrier walking around Harvard Square? How about in the middle of Northeastern’s dining hall? This column is all about the craftiness and cleverness of invading campuses in and around the greater Boston area. We’re talking full-on undercover invasions here, including crashing dining halls, digging up the campus dirt, and finding all the hottest spots outside of the “BU bubble.”

So many freshmen—and upperclassmen—find their comfort zones at BU, but completely alienate themselves from the exciting destinations that lie just past Kenmore Square. By crashing the scenes at other campuses, hopefully a little light can be shed on the ins and outs of the city as a whole, opening up whole new venues of exploration for newcomers and veterans of our lovely terrier nation. Last year, the column covered MIT’s campus–and that was just the beginning. Boston is known nationwide for being one of the most heavily populated collegiate cities, and we’re going to conquer the biggest ones here…and who knows? A few special coverages from cities nationwide might just be in store.

Throughout the US there is an enormous breadth of campuses and cultures to explore—each one more fascinating than the last in its own unique way. Chicago is home of the deep-dish pizza, Boston has some of the best lobster around, Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love and the list of notable traits goes on and on. In a world where self-isolation due to internet use is running rampant, it is imperative that the internet be used as a medium for exploration and exposition through columns just like this…except you should only read this one. It’s pretty rad, and we’ll just call it an unwritten rule.

So join The Quad in what will hopefully be an unparalleled and unique exploration of all that this city—and the nation as a whole—has to offer in the fullest. Remember, we don’t disappoint here so get ready for a silly, sneaky ride, little terriers! Until next time, stay explorative and please…go see the world.

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Joseph Martelli (COM '15) is a New Jersey native by way of Pennsylvania. He majors in Public Relations with a concentration in Political Science. He enjoys music from the 1940s, direct-to-DVD sequels and anything crafted by Shonda Rhimes. He can be contacted by emailing jmartelli@buquad.com.

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