The Quad Asks International Students: What is the Biggest Difference Between Here and Where You Come From?

Here at The Quad, we love to share stories! This year’s new storytelling series will focus on international students. Each week, we’ll feature a few students’ opinions on their life at BU. This week’s question: what’s the biggest difference between the U.S. and your home country?

Carla de Velasco Bermudez (CAS ’19) | Photo by Cam McDaniel

Carla de Velasco Bermudez

From: Mexico City, Mexico

Major: Economics & International Relations

Loves: Figure Skating

The biggest difference I’ve noticed and what took me the longest to get used to is how people interact with each other in the United States. Mexican culture is much warmer, we always hug and kiss each other on the cheek to say hi. When I do that here people feel uncomfortable. I remember one time I tried to kiss a guy on the cheek and he thought I was coming onto him! The universities are also much harder to get into here than in Mexico.


Eytan de Gunzburg (CAS '19) | Photo by Cam McDaniel
Eytan de Gunzburg (CAS ’19) | Photo by Cam McDaniel


Eytan de Gunzburg

From: London, England

Major: Economics

Loves: Fashion

In the United States everything feels much larger than in England, the buildings are bigger, the meal portions… really everything! London is also much more historical. We have so many monuments and castles, you don’t see that around here. There are also more crazy people on the streets here. The first time I went to the AMC Loews at Boston Common a man was standing outside screaming at people and cars! It was very unnerving…


Check back next week to hear what more students have to say!

Feature Photo: Cesarexpo

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