Dorm Stories: The Towers

Located on East campus on beautiful Bay State Road, the Towers is comprised of two towers, each 9 stories high. Originally for women only, the now co-ed dormitory is located right next to the School of Education and the School of Business, making it a great choice for Questrom and SED students. However, the Towers has plenty of assets to attract BU students from all schools.

According to residents, some of the positive aspects of the Towers include great study spaces, proximity to Marciano Dining hall at 100 Bay State Road, a TV lounge, a laundry room, printers, and access to a mailroom on the first floor. The dorm also has three specialty floors for students in the College of Engineering, Sargent College, and Questrom School of Business.

The drawbacks of living in the Towers include the lack of diversity in room types (all rooms are doubles on single-gender floors) and its tendency to be quieter (and thus less social) than other dorms, say residents. Although the quieter atmosphere could be a benefit for students who prefer a more intimate and peaceful environment, some residents feel like they are missing out.

“The Towers is in a great location and it’s very close to all of my classes,” said Towers resident Kenny Zheng (CAS ’20), “but it is not the most social dorm when compared to Warren Towers.”

Incoming freshmen and sophomores looking for a lively place to live next year should look elsewhere: the Towers has a much more calm atmosphere – perhaps better suited for students seeking a place where they can focus on their school work.

While residents have their complaints, they do seem to enjoy the ample study space the dorm provides. In addition to Franklin Lounge on the first floor, which includes a great place to sit with friends to study or watch TV, there are two other study lounges with plenty of tables to comfortably do schoolwork: one on the first floor and the other in the basement. And until the 2011-2012 school year when the dining hall at 100 Bay State Road was opened, the Towers had its very own dining hall in its basement. Now, the basement serves as an excellent study space, and you can usually find students studying there in groups late into the night.

The consensus among residents seems to be that the dorm isn’t very social, but its convenient location and ample study space make up for it. Students who value both their grades and their sleep should consider checking out the Towers.

Correction: A previous version of this post stated that Towers did not have printers. 

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