Updated: CAS Fire Reportedly Minor

Update #3: Students are now back in the building. The fire was in the second floor girl’s bathroom (@dailyfreepress fire in CAS, 2nd floor girl’s bathroom. read tomorrow’s @DailyFreePress for more info.http://dailyfreepress.com/), but is now out. People were originally removed from the building because the smoke had spread. The fire did not, and people have now been allowed back on the building. (@FlyAwayRen @buquad They were keeping people out of the building because the smoke had spread, but people are going back inside now.)

Update #2: The minor fire was on the second floor of the CAS building. (@flyawayren No really, there was a fire on the second floor of the CAS building. Now it smells like burnt plastic.)

Update: No reason to panic. The fire is reported to be “very minor,” and firefighters are already leaving the scene. Info from @ChrisDKramer, who also has this video:

@buquad very minor, firemen already leaving on 12seconds.tv

Around 6:45 PM on Monday, sirens sounded down Commonwealth Avenue as fire engines raced to respond to a fire in the College of Arts and Sciences building at Boston University. Reports first seen on Twitter from @ChrisDKramer and @JackiA seem to be confirmed by the sounds and sights of sirens heading East on Com Ave. This seems to be validated by the incoming stream of tweets.

From @jessicalui: Something big going down at BU CAS. 3 fireengines, 2 ambulances, 3 police cars.

From @skops: Legit fire in CAS. Intense

Stay tuned to this post for more info as it happens. If you have any information, please tweet @buquad or email us at staff@buquad.com. Still looking for a photo of the scene.

Jonah Lundberg contributed to the compilation of this story.

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