March in Thirty-One Seconds

There are so many tiny, fleeting moments in your life—beautiful, tragic, awkward, funny, ordinary moments. It’s hard to remember them all. That is why I’ve tasked myself with recording a second of my life every day for the rest of this semester. This series is a compilation of one-second videos shot every day during the month of March. It shows my life as a second semester senior at Boston University.

Reflecting March was filled with multiple waving friends, awkward shots of my porch, and random spots on campus for those days when it’s already 10 p.m. and you realize you’ve forgotten to record a video for the day. (Not pictured: the overwhelming fear of my fast approaching graduation.) 

The first part of my month was overtaken by an INCREDIBLE spring break trip to North Carolina with the BU Habitat for Humanity Club. I could not have asked for a better week of service with kinder, more welcoming people (and heck, I even got a little bit of a tan—who needs spring break in Cabo?).

Like February, March was a great month to see local music. I wish I had more than one second to feature all the incredible artists I saw this month. Shouts out to a few:  

You Always Knew Me Last Week (rad solo project from the drummer of Pet Jail and I Kill Giants); The Symptoms (best kind of beautiful tranquil sad feels); Geometrist (dreamy, melodic, wow-those-vocals goodness); The Shones (former Expresso Royal eye candy, also surfadelic boy band); Juneva (<3__<3 Boston ‘Fuckcore’ wowness, look out for their killa new album soon); Fall Risk (crying punk #feelingz); SISTER WIVES (all girls, all screamz, split with xXBROKENHEARTXx coming soon); This is Sky (electronic hip-hop ambient wonderness); Grey Season (folkin’ great bluegrass five-part harmony surprise); Free Pizza (PSA they don’t give you pizza; they do give you happy fun times feels); and Tacocat (freaking rad cat pop girl surfy feminist rock band from Seattle that sings about their periods). 

Do yourself a favor and check out any and all of these bands.

Some of the events and activities you saw included Flat Waffle Comedy Hour (free comedy shows in BU Central featuring hilarious comics from BU and visiting schools), the Bon Me Food Truck (wonderful Vietnamese cuisine, and always parked outside of COM), Left of the Dial (WTBU) (Monday’s 4-6pm #pluggingmyradioshow), and a preview of a photo-shoot I did for the Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Center (look out for the campaign coming out later this month). Spotlight on a few other events:

HER House Open Mic Night: If you’ve never been to an open mic night at HER House, get yourself there. They do them once or twice every semester and benefits always go to an incredible cause. Also it’s an excuse to hang out in their ridiculously gorgeous brownstone.

Mei Mei: Food truck, and now restaurant located in South Campus, Mei Mei is officially my new guilty pleasure. Your inner foodie will rejoice from the menu boasting Chinese-American cuisine made from locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Not only is the food great, the restaurant itself gives off rad vibes (hint: use the bathroom) and the playlist is seriously always on point. Get yourself there and order the infamous Double Awesome with a Whole Grain & Berry Salad on the side and sit back in pure happiness.

The Rep Records Throwback DanceIf I haven’t mentioned it already, I also work with Rep Records, a student-run music promotions group. The Throwback Dance was a KILLER event put on this month featuring rad local artists Paul CoppolaPet Jail, BoompaBrazil, and Houseguests. Bands played a mixture of originals and oldies, covering favorites such as The Talking Heads, Elvis, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and heck even Smash Mouth. Attendees slicked their hair back, wore their favorite polka dot dresses, and quite literally twisted and shouted the night away. 

To make this video I used a wonderful Android app called 1 Second Everyday, which has been a huge help in organizing all my videos. If you’re considering starting a One Second Project and don’t feel like messing with a video-editing software or mind recording with your cell phone, definitely look into this app.

What you have to look forward to in April: Showers (ha, ha, ha), Final Exams (aka Kara living in the library), and no fun things at all ever.

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