BU TweetCreep: Oct. 1 – 6

Howdy Tweetcreepers and a late l’shana tova to all you 5777ers celebrating this week! In case you were blissed out on apples and honey for the holiday or blinded by the suburban whiteness of the VP debate here’s a quick recap of what went down:

Basically, it was a week of comebacks and goodbyes.

The good: Solange put out some absolute jams, SNL premiered stronger than ever, the Obamas celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary.

The sad: Big Papi played his last regular season game (#ThanksBigPapi #RetiredNotExpired)

The fugly: Lindsay Lohan lost part of her finger on OCTOBER 3rd OF ALL DAYS!

In Allston news, Refuge might not actually be closing, the Ave is becoming the Surf for some reason, and the 66 still hasn’t arrived.

Let’s see what’s up on the net.

No you can’t, COM. You can’t have a house party on an app. What you’re referring to already exists, and it’s called Google Hangouts, and no one uses it for parties. And if they do, I’m sorry for everyone around them. I think what I’m trying to say is put your phone down, and make eye contact with someone today. But it’s not all bad news bears for this tweet – I’m 100 percent pro #technology. Just like, not at parties. No one wants to see your drunk under-chin. That is all.


DEAR GOD WHY BU??? WE WERE FINALLY MOVING PAST THIS EMOTIONAL TRAUMA! Rip out my stitches why don’t you?! Also everyone should get a flu shot. That way I don’t have to.

I love you guys. Relationship goals for real.

In all seriousness this is my favorite BU Twitter account. Everyone should go follow @buithelp IMMEDIATELY. God bless Chris Huser for liking this tweet even though, according to his bio, he graduated from Fordham a few years ago and has no obvious connections to BU or IT.


I’ve never agreed with a statement more. Thank you Chris. Thank you BEN.


That’s all from me for now! See you next week buddies!


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