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Many retailers have found themselves riding the coattails of Spike Jonze’s successful new blockbuster, Where the Wild Things Are.  Urban Outfitters is always quick to pounce on potentially popular trends, so there was no surprise in finding stuffed animals of the Wild Things scattered amongst the rest of the store’s trendy merchandise almost a year ago.  Along with these cuddly characters, Urban Outfitters also stocks Wild Thing key chains, t-shirts, pillows, wall décor, slippers and of course, copies of the beloved novel itself written by Maurice Sendak.

Urban Outfitters was not the only store that jumped at the opportunity to attract die-hard fans of the book and movie.  Fashion-forward retailer, Opening Ceremony, also delivered a variety of products to sate the monstrous appetites of the story’s biggest fans.  O.C. collaborated with Spike Jonze himself to design a line of faux-fur pieces for both men and women.  Each garment was crafted to represent a particular Wild Thing from the movie.  While many of the items cross the costume line and should only be sported on Halloween or by an Olsen Twin, there are a few simpler pieces that the rest of us could definitely pull off.  For men, an assortment of fur lined jackets combine comfort, style, and practicality that would keep any Wild Thing warm through a grueling Boston winter.  For women, the Douglas motorcycle jacket and Alexandra mini skirt stand out for their clean, simple cuts and unique textures.

In addition to Opening Ceremony’s collaboration with Jonze, they also debuted a line of jewelry inspired by the film.  Ranging from bangles to headbands, New York based jewelry designer, Pamela Love, did a fantastic job at creatively depicting elements of the movie while still constructing pieces that can be worn with your everyday gear.  Some of the standout pieces include a horn-shaped ring based on Wild Thing Carol and a feather necklace inspired by Wild Thing Douglas.

Thankfully, if the price tag on Spike Jonze’s or Pamela Love’s designs don’t fit your budget, you can still choose from a spread of Wild Things t-shirts, which cost $50 and showcase some of the movie’s promotional phrases like “there’s one in all of us” and “everyone you’ve ever loved.”

Check out Where the Wild Things Are merchandise online at Urban Outfitters and Opening Ceremony.

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3 Comments on “Wear The Wild Things Are”

  1. I’m disappointed with this article. Not only is it “Jonze” and not “Jones,” but the whole piece reeks of press release. What other purpose does this article serve, exactly?

  2. This blog helped me out a lot. I was going to make a wild thing costume for Halloween, and now that I know that this will probably be very popular (aka overdone) I have decided to go for another look. Thanks for the heads up!
    Also, I bought my boyfriend a wild things t-shirt at Urban Outfitters and he loved it. Sometimes a bit of childhood nostalgia is all we need to have a brighter day 🙂

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