Technology scares us…

…so we’re looking for a writer (or two) for our “technology” section to assuage our fears as well as keep our readers informed on the latest tech news and explore the world of new and emerging technology, video games, green tech, gadgets, etc.

Our quaint Technology section header. It may look cool now, but think about when all of our eyes are enhanced to see the x-ray spectrum. Pretty dull in the cyborg world.

You’re probably our guy or gal if you follow technology news religiously (through your RSS reader), own several handheld gadgets (and are currently saving up for the next one), are the ‘go-to’ person for tech support for your group of friends, and have an undying appetite for shiny new stuff. You should also be able to write articles on the tech world that are accessible to the average college student, relative to their lives, and free of tech stereotype (ie, no Mac vs. PC. That’s so 2005).

If this sounds like something that you’d find fun, shoot us an email at We look forward to hearing from you.

(Seriously though, have you heard of the singularity? Friggin’ terrifying.)

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