Zac Posen for Target: First Come, First Shop

Zac Posen for Target: Photo Courtesy of Fashionista

The Zac Posen for Target collection won’t hit stores nationwide until April 25, but if you’re willing to jump on the Megabus to New York, you can buy the collection before anyone else at the 481 Eighth Avenue pop-up shop on April 15.  The store will open for 24 hours, but arrive earlier rather than later if you want a chance at snagging the steel blue Snap Tape Dress, black and white Tuxedo Bodysuit or red Moto Leather Jacket (my favorites).  DJ sets and a performance by indie girl band The Like will pump out a steady stream of music to keep you smiling when push comes to shove— as it undoubtedly will.

While you’re waiting for your Posen fix, you might want to watch the promotional short film shot by the newest star of the Coppola tour de force, Gia Coppola.  (For those of you that have no clue what I’m talking about, I’ll save you the IMDB trip.  Francis Ford Coppola produced and directed such Oscar-winning films as “The Godfather” and “Apocalypse Now. His daughter is Sophia Coppola, whose Hollywood debut came in the form of a minor part in The “Godfather.” She then followed in her father’s footsteps with the production of “The Virgin Suicides” and Oscar-winning “Lost in Translation,” among others.  She is cousins with Jason Schwartzman and Nicolas Cage, and was once married to Spike Jonze.  She is Gia Coppola’s aunt.  The black and white film features The Like getting ready wearing key items from the collection before they perform the song “Fair Game.”  For the sake of shoppers everywhere I hope the song choice is an allusion to the likelihood of snagging a piece from the collection.

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