Issue 6 @ Midnight: Here’s What to Look For

We’re launching our sixth issue at midnight tonight, just in time for the Thanksgiving break, and it features some great articles that we think you’ll love. Here are some excerpts from a couple we think are really great, just to whet your appetite a little and give you the extra push you might have needed to stay up with us. Take a look:

Frederick Wiseman, Local Legend
By Ruth Chan

He stops his car at an intersection, signals that he wants to turn left, and waits for the light to turn green. In the meantime, he turns in his seat and says, “I think ordinary experiences can be as dramatic or as funny or sad as great literature, and since technology exists to make movies about ordinary experiences, there is a lot of fresh material.”

Liking Like a Little (a Little)
By Kelly Dickinson

The Boston University branch of launched on Tuesday, November 9. By November 10, it had become popular, and by the end of the week, it was massive.

Video: Thanksgiving Pies n’ Sides
By Joel Kahn and Annie Rath

In this episode, Thanksgiving Pies ‘n Sides, Annie shows you how to make a pumpkin pie from scratch, while Joel makes asparagus in the microwave and roasted sweet potatoes.

Six Ways to Resuscitate SNL
By Chree Izzo

Despite my life-long love affair with SNL, even I can admit that the show has not been top-notch as of late. SNL has been in a strange transition period the past few years: the departure of several stars (Fey, Fallon, Amy Poehler, etc), the introduction of new cast members, and the swift exit of some of those new cast members (peace out, Jenny Slate). And it’s clear such changes have affected the quality of the show. For the past few seasons, SNL simply hasn’t been the show we all know and love.

BU Focuses on Sustainability
By Lisa Dukart

In 2007, BU was given the embarrassing and horrifyingly low grade of ‘D’.  However, over the last three years, steady improvements have been made to bring it up.  In 2008, BU was given a ‘C’, a ‘B-’ in 2009, and this year, a ‘B’.  Clearly, this years’ ‘B’ grade is much better than the lowly ‘D’ we got just three short years ago. What is going on to help make BU a more eco-friendly and sustainable environment?

This is just the beginning. There’s much more, including looks at the 112th Congress, Boston Cult Film Events, Thanksgiving Tips and, you know what, just be here at midnight. See you then.

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