Resolution: Student Union Condemns RateBU

December 6, 2010


The BU Student Union has released an official resolution condemning the website, the Quad learned via email this evening. RateBU, a site that encourages BU students to upload pictures of female students from Facebook and rate them against each other, launched on Friday and had seen over 3,000 users sign up as of Monday. The Quad revealed the site’s founder, who had previously remained anonymous, to be College of Engineering Sophomore Justin Doody in an article published on Sunday.

Here’s the full text of the Union’s resolution:

Whereas, the website creates a platform for Boston University students to rate their female peers, in some cases without the females’ consent , and encourages a culture of judgment and objectification;

Whereas, contributes to a devaluation of students by allowing judgment based solely on a photo;

Whereas, detracts from a feeling of comfort and safety on campus, and extends judgment on the internet into daily life at Boston University by associating real names with photos;

Resolved, the Boston University Student Union hereby condemns as an offensive website that does not accurately represent the views of the student body or the culture that the student body strives to create. As a representative organization of the Boston University population, the Student Union discourages further use of the website.

Resolved, The Boston University Student Union shall form an ad hoc committee in conjunction with the Boston University Women’s Resource Center to address and other websites found to be equally offensive and inappropriate.