The ComiQuad: Fishy Green Voodoo Review

Boom! Wham! Pow! The ComiQuad is a brand new column dedicated to the spandex-laden world of comics and superheroes. It goes up each Friday and will alternate between comic book reviews and other comic book news. Zam!

This week’s installment of The ComiQuad is dedicated to reviews! Here’s to some comics released this past Wednesday.

Aquaman #2

A comic you can sink your teeth into. | Photo courtesy of

As evidenced by my newbie recommendations two weeks agoAquaman #1 was one of the all-star comics to pop out of The New 52.

Fortunately, Aquaman #2 continues to rise from the depths into another successful issue. Come take the plunge with me here.

Three things make the Aquaman series unique. One, it involves heavy use of humor. Not enough to feel forced, but just enough to make you awkwardly laugh out loud if you’re in public.

Two, the series is not just an Aquaman series. It’s an Aquaman and Mera series. For those of you lost at sea, Mera is Aquaman’s equally superpowered wife. She can manipulate water and is arguably more powerful than her husband at times. Maybe. The dynamic that the couple presents is a totally different experience than the “hero alone and rogue” formula that so many series operate with. Points for a healthy romantic relationship!

Third, the art is fantastic. Ivan Reis’ rendering of human anatomy and Mera’s hydrokinesis is absolutely stunning.

My only criticism is length. The opening scene overlaps too much with last week and takes away from the precious few pages a comic book gets.

Now, go read this issue before I send you off to Davy Jones’ locker.

Review: 8.5/10

The Incredible Hulk #1


I will be the first to admit that I have little background in Marvel Comics knowledge aside from their movies. And I wasn’t terribly impressed by the one Hulk movie that I did see.

So I ventured into this green, steroid-laden journey with much trepidation. I was hopeful. It was the first issue in a new series on the Hulk. First issues are supposed to be quasi-fresh starts for readers, right?

Apparently not. I left this experience ten times more confused than I thought possible. Don’t get me wrong, mystery is necessary for suspense, but too much mystery leads to one lost reviewer.

It also got awfully cliche at times. As soon as a local tribeswoman tells Banner that the government will never find him, BLAM! — the government shows up. Then, suddenly, a well-endowed-on-both-ends female strips out of her battle outfit into something far less practical.

But don’t worry, she has a scar across her face so she means business.

My main compliment goes to the art. There were a few gorgeous, albeit slightly irrelevant, fight scenes that got my adrenaline pumping.


Review: 5.5/10

Voodoo #2

So much big, sexy integrity. | Photo courtesy of

The story of Voodoo is a unique one. Alien comes to Earth, alien turns into a female stripper, alien gets found out by the government and savagely attacks and/or sleeps with every officer in sight.

The art, despite paying a little too much attention to the boobular area, is very well done. The premise and story are quite intriguing. Voodoo is also the only black (I would say African-American, but…she’s Alien-American?) female to get her own series for DC. Also, last week’s issue was intriguing enough to warrant a second chance.

The biggest, and ultimately most fatal, flaw of the issue is the lack of sufficient character development. This issue, like the last issue, offers no characterization. A protagonist can have all the boobs and/or violence a reader can want, but if the reader can’t connect with the character on any level, it’s pointless. We just learn that Priscilla Kitaen (Voodoo) is an alien who hates humans and does not understand our moral code.

Also, this cover makes me uncomfortable. I felt like a skeeze-ball buying it and I felt like one when reading it in the Warren lobby. We get it. Voodoo is a big card-carrying member of the female community.

Review: 6.5/10

Other Things I Read This Week:

Teen Titans #2: 7/10, I, Vampire #2: 8/10, Green Lantern New Guardians #2: 6/10

In Other News:

– Batman: Arkham City has been released on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 to stellar reviews.

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