A Season-Lover’s Take on the Best of Fall

As my suite mates and I sat in our common room yesterday on a rainy, lazy Sunday, not wanting to go outside to face the gray haze that is Boston nor motivated enough to do homework, we started looking towards the coming weeks ahead. Yes, midterm season is quickly approaching, but that’s not the season about which we were thinking.

Some of them were already getting ahead of themselves, exclaiming how we should start putting up Christmas decorations, drink hot chocolate and have ugly sweater parties during the first week of October. Don’t get me wrong, I love the winter holiday season as much as anyone else, but how can people look right past fall? It’s the time of apple and pumpkin everything, the time to slip on a cute pair of boots and perfect your outfit with a warm, silky scarf. It’s the time where sports are either ending or just beginning with a new season; there is something that fall offers for everyone.

Boston Public Garden
The fall foliage can be seen throughout Boston, especially at the Boston Public Garden. | Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons user BostonPhotoSphere

Living in the northeastern part of the United States my entire life, I consider myself lucky to experience the seasonal changes. I can watch the leaves turn from outside my window, feel the air slowly cooling, and witness the transition of summer slowly slipping away to the brisk fall weather, and winter being ever-present in the near future.

Besides nature, this fall has already bestowed upon us some great offerings. Naturally, the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks is back in business to delight our taste buds. Mumford & Sons and The Killers have released sensationally chilling albums that are perfect for anyone relaxing on a brisk day or needing someone to croon through their headphones as they study for midterms. Not only that, but personally being back at BU when fall rolls around starts to feel a little less like school and more like coming home after an extended (but much needed) vacation. Although it is only a season, it ultimately carries a deeper significance for everyone like myself who is in love with the beauty of this time of year.

My advice is to go out and embrace the life of this time of year! It fades away as quickly as it comes creeping up on us, and soon we’ll all be faced with a Boston winter and be wishing for some warm apple cider and colorful leaves lining Comm Ave to bring some warmth and vibrancy back into our stressful routine. And then, once the time finally comes, my suite mates and everyone else can host as many ugly sweater parties as we desire.

Aria Ruggiero

Aria is a Junior in CAS studying Psychology. She enjoys writing and photographing for the Quad, as well as having an unhealthy obsession with guacamole, blazers, and the Yankees.

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