Photo Story: Allston March in Response to Rape Culture and Racial Profiling

On Thursday, December 1, the Allston Feminist Action Community held a march against racial and social profiling. A crowd of approximately 30 Boston University students gathered together on the last night of classes in front of Marsh Chapel in Central Campus. The demonstrators gathered in response to the recent robberies and sexual assaults that happened on and around BU campus in the past several months. Students were outraged at the BU Police Department’s response to these events, asserting that it made women, queer and transgender people, and people of color feel threatened and unsafe.

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3 Comments on “Photo Story: Allston March in Response to Rape Culture and Racial Profiling”

  1. ‘Straight White Guy That Fucking HATES rape Culture’.

    Somebody get this guy a medal! It must be SO hard to be white, to be hetero, and to be a male and hate making light of sexual assault on other human beings. Where’s my T-shirt for being against child prostitution?

    I don’t have one, because it’s not an accomplishment, and it’s not something to brag about.

    1. Mark, thanks for the response! I agree, he shouldn’t deserve a medal because in a perfect would it would not seem out of place that a straight white man would support feminism and woman’s rights. But the fact of the matter is no matter how they feel, you don’t see many men in general openly supporting and fighting for woman’s rights. I commend this guy for being comfortable enough with himself to break the stereotype that all feminists are woman, because it is the furthest thing from the truth!

  2. dude I am so sick of this and how they always try to make it seem like theyre beign stereotyped. sometimes biddies come in to our house, but a lott of times OTHER girls come in too. girls that are premed, girls that are in COM. we’ve been working to make greek life a safe space too but noone even acknowledge this. choose a balance between partying and profiling, but freshman girls are still gonna drink at here and robberies do happen sometimes.

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