FASHION S(QUAD): Marching Forth

Welcome back from spring break! We at The Quad hope that your week was a sunny, Harmony Korine-esque fantasy filled with swimsuits and drinks with slices of fruit in them. Unfortunately, back in Boston, winter still slogs on (another winter storm? seriously?). The good news is, while the weather continues to be relentlessly dreary, Comm Ave is still fiercely populated by  snappy dressers awash in color and joie de vivre. Read on for this week’s crop of hot tamales!

Hugh Carr, CAS 15, shows that sometimes, style runs in the family. His jacket is Banana Republic--taken from his dad's closet! Photo by Sharon Weissburg.
Hugh Carr (CAS ’15) shows that sometimes, style runs in the family. His jacket is Banana Republic–taken from his dad’s closet! | Photo by Sharon Weissburg.
Check out the delicate piercings–subtle and fresh, and they look great with a pair of metal frames. | Photo by Sharon Weissburg.
Hwasup Song (SMG ’15) is a barrel of fashionable laughs in a trendy baseball jacket and bright sneakers. | Photo by Sharon Weissburg.
Rio Kimura (SAR ’15) has the coolest accessories of all time, including this intergalactic, fantastic Sprayground bag. | Photo by Sharon Weissburg.
Kimura is also a devoted sneaker junkie. These are Nike Zoom KD5 Extraterrestrials–a great contrasting pairing with the purples in his ensemble. | Photo by Sharon Weissburg.
Courtney Dumais (CAS ’14) blends little-girl cuteness with vintage-chic in floral pants, Mary Jane slippers, a big coat and scarf, and some sweet vintage shades–a winning combination! | Photo by Sharon Weissburg.

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