What is “I Shouldn’t Be Watching This”?

“I Shouldn’t Be Watching This” is a TV column meant to take a writer who would otherwise have no interest in watching a show and get their perspective on media that isn’t aimed at their demographic.

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons user Dicklyon
Photo courtesy of user Dicklyon via Wikimedia Commons

The television medium is in a state of transition. Broadcast networks are fading into the background in a much more fragmented TV market. Programming is no longer really about crafting shows with mass appeal, with niche programs and smaller cable networks gaining more notoriety. Online streaming is making its bid for validity as a television distribution model with shows like House of Cards and the renewed Arrested Development.

With a medium that’s changing, the viewer’s options are wider than ever before. For this reason, “I Shouldn’t Be Watching This” aims to expose people to new programming that they ordinarily would not watch. I’ve written about shows that normally wouldn’t appeal to me, like The Bachelor, Pretty Little Liars, and The Carrie Diaries.

“I Shouldn’t Be Watching This” is about getting a fresh perspective on media from someone who wouldn’t normally be exposed to it. The column will be posted on a biweekly basis and will discuss how the show in question balances appealing to their core demographic and making the show accessible beyond it. The column will go up every other Tuesday.

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