Do You Even Lift?

“UP UP UP UP UP!!!!”

The crowd yells at a powerlifter as they try to get the last few inches of their arms extended during a difficult bench press. The lifter succeeds, and the crowd cheers. Had the lifter failed, the crowd would have felt their pain with them. Powerlifting is a sport where your main competition is yourself and your fellow lifters understand and empathize with your successes and failures.

“You’re cheering for everyone, that’s what’s cool,” said Molly Kelly (CAS ’15).

On Saturday Kelly, Beth Luby (CAS ’14), and Edward Ho (CAS ’14) competed in the 17th Annual Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate Power Challenge in Everett, Mass. Each student is a member of BU’s Powerlifting club and all won first place for their weight class and age group. The trio did three different lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift.

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