Photo Story: Red Sox World Series Win & Rolling Rally

I’ll be honest with you – I’ve never been all that excited about baseball. Those are dangerous words, considering how close I live to Fenway Park, home of Red Sox Nation. But I have a legitimate reason – I’m a Chicago Cubs fan. The last time the Cubs saw the World Series was one hundred and five years ago. To put that in perspective, 105 years ago, the Ottoman Empire was still in existence. 

I wasn’t planning on going out to watch Game 6 of the World Series, but I’m glad I did – that night will go down as one of my most memorable nights of college. After watching the game from a bar right outside Fenway, we stormed outside onto Lansdowne Street and eventually snuck into Fenway to celebrate with ticket-holding fans. 

This past Wednesday night was a spectacular night for Boston. Thousands of fans flooded the streets of Fenway and Kenmore Square in the aftermath of the game. Then on Saturday, in celebration of the tremendous win, the city held a parade that ran from Fenway through the city, and onto the Charles River. Below are shots from Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon.

All photos by Hanna Klein.

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Hanna Klein (COM'15) is a photographer for The Quad, studying advertising. She is an expatriate and while she doesn't know where "home" is, she likes to claim Chicago as her own. When she isn't suffering from wanderlust, Hanna likes to listen to the most obscure music she can find and admire hockey players.

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  1. Hanna,
    We are amazed and overjoyed to see your talent. We want to see the rest of your posts soon. Keep up the good work. We are proud of you.
    Lois & Bob Popp

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