MugArt: A Reflection of Academic Determination, Distress

I call this one "A Duck's Mid-Life Crisis".

All photographs by Yasmin Gentry. Dedication to academia is found all over campus. Most explicitly, it’s found in Mugar Library in the confines of the private wooden cubicle desks lined up on just about every floor. Whether it’s just studying in the week leading up to that crucial Macro midterm or cranking out a 20-page paper on Lincoln the night before it’s due, the majority of us can say the Mugar cubicle has been an integral part of our collegiate experience.

Over the years, BU students have also left their mark on those desks—literally. There are expletives and sad reflections of procrastination, but there are also words of encouragement, drawings, and quirky poetry to intrigue Terriers term after term. “MugArt” creatively and cleverly reflects BU students in limbo between academic failure and success and records timeless advice about these four years we’ll never get back.

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Yasmin Gentry (COM, CAS '16) hails from Chicagoland and studies communications and philosophy at BU. Aside from her love of writing about nothing at all in particular for the Quad, Yasmin appreciates a good cup of Earl Grey, cheers on the Chicago Blackhawks, and loves running around the Charles.

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