BU TweetCreep: Sept. 22 – 30

Good afternoon creepers! After a short several year hiatus, we’re proud to be back scrolling through the Twitterverse to bring you all the best campus snark.

This week’s news cycle was straight up DOMINATED by the debates. There was a ton of great live tweeting going on (some of it courtesy of yours truly from the @buquad account) and some quality shouting matches in the GSU conference auditorium but let’s put the past behind us for a second. ONWARD TO THE TWITTERS!

Pro: oddly proud of our university’s correct usage of “it’s.”

Con: these hashtags are a cry for help. Also “Brinner” just makes me think of Jeremy Brenner whose groundbreaking work on “The Vanilla Ice Project” and “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish” went ignored by critics for TOO LONG.

Oh thank god, a blueprint. Doesn’t quite address the original complaint of “everyone is packed like sardines,” but good to know there’s something called “ITS HELP DESK” on the third floor. Knock knock. Who’s there? ITS HELP DESK COME TO THE THIRD FLOOR I’M HERE LOOK ON THE BLUEPRINT.

I have so many questions about this. But my main issue is the photoshopping. Come on CAS, show us a real Terrier with the proud neckline and brachycephalic face that we know and love.

There’s definitely a story here, BU Athletics. Gather ‘round children and hear the tale of the historic downpour that postponed the girl’s soccer game of 1923. 

Look at this beautiful diverse group of old people who are worried about sugar! Such gleaming white smiles untarnished by sucrose! Pressed collars and no disaccharides to be found!

This is some Twilight Zone nonsense. It’s been two people the whole time? Or is that a joke? What are the shifts? Why is Yogurt capitalized? WHAT ARE THE SOUPS TODAY?????

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