BU TweetCreep: Oct. 20-26

A-yo Creepers!!! Gosh is it good to see you guys. This week has just been swell as all hell! Here’s what’s new in the spheres:

Politics: Polls opened for early voting in Mass. this week, and many of you sent in absentee ballots to your home states as well. Don’t forget those down-ballot reps and ballot questions kiddos! Gotta love that civic duty!!!! Also Megyn Kelly was our hero, Hill turned the big 6-9 (heh heh heh) and celebrated with her pal Adele, and the Donald opened a new hotel.

Culture: Gaga released Joanne (it’s the title of her album guys GEEZ), Black Mirror made us all want to throw our phones out the window, and DJ Khaled had a baby!

Holiday Season News: Here’s what’s going on in and around campus during Halloweekend! Can’t wait to make like a pumpkin and get SMASHED. But for real, drink responsibly, and stay warm pals. I love you all so deeply.

Food: I ate some great lo mein this week. Text me for 11:30 p.m. recommendations.

Cool Things Corner:

Kesha’s NYT profile will stay with you all day like that glitter from last night.

SNL’s Black Jeopardy sketch was its most poignant in years.

Just a great bop.

Favorite Twitter account of the week.


Shall we get to it then? TO TWITTER WE GO!

Sa-OH GOD WHY? That is a straight up butt guys. Do you have to run these things by anyone before they make it in the letter? Also I’m no Akeelah-and-the-Bee-level speller or anything, but I’m pretty confident it’s called Sargent. Oh, one last thing: THAT’S A GOSH DARN FROGGING 4 HOUR WORK OUT. Too long. Not worth it. Not even JLO herself could squat for that long.

Dude, no snark here. This is just plain tart cool. I look forward to seeing my aunt read this book at Thanksgiving and sharing this fact with her.


Sure BU, you can’t throw a couple bucks to your student groups for new T-shirts, but can fully afford to send a bag of dirt through the United States Postal Service. Joke’s on you, I spit my gum into that dirt two years ago.

This explains why I finished a crossword and updated my iOS at 4 a.m….

This tweet is just an absolute physical manifestation of dopamine. Here’s a BU institution committed to giving its students what they want. Bold attempt at the em dash, great mix of capitalization, only one broken link, and that ending? Pure art. Bonus points to @meowfiesta for a solid 2:16 a.m. request!


That’s all for me cuties! Sleep tight! Let people exit before you board the train! Byeeeeeee!

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