BU TweetCreep: Dec. 1 – 8

Gosh dangit kiddos its hecking finals season and I’m seeing a butt-ton of frowning faces in COM wayyyy past closing time. Don’t worry though, I’m not here to tell you to get to work. That paper can wait ten minutes, or three days, who cares! Honestly though, why pontificate for 15 pages when you can say what you need to say in like two pages tops? You deserve a break! Go read a book for pleasure or something like that. Get coffee with a friend you’ve lost touch with. Take a long walk. Inflate a balloon, idk I’m no relaxation expert. I did just discover bitmojis though. So that’s fun!

Here are some beautiful distractions for your stress-soaked brains

NPR’s year in music: Calming voices, emotional tunes, and NPR so people know you’re smart.

Step. Away. From. The. Facebook. Quizzes.

The Nib’s Goofy/silly/heartbreaking political cartoon collection brightens my inbox every morn.

Within the Wires: An incredible puzzle of a podcast disguised as relaxation tapes.

GQ’s delightful profile of Tom Ford.

Imagine waking up in a dumpster with no idea who you are (seriously though, not like drunk Allston dumpster naps. We’ve all done that one, right?)


Let’s keep that study break going with some tweets!


This is a lot. Do people even really use garden gnomes anymore? Are gardens still a thing? And hold on, the first 3,500 people get them for free???? That’s like the entire population of Warren Towers times two. Omg, imagine if there was a second Warren entirely populated by these Boni-gnomes. Someone make a parody Twitter for that, please.

Here are three not-research-backed ways: 1) After every meal, lay on the floor and squeeze your stomach while whispering “be thinner” into the carpet. 2) For every dish you eat, count your forkfuls and then eat an invisible meal with the same amount of movements to build up arm strength and burn cals FAST. 3) Sleep so much you don’t have time to eat. Then wake up and shove many Oreos into your face. Return to your dreams.

I don’t like this.

WOAH!! Congrats @BUDiningService! The longtime star of #Tweetcreep has finally been recognized for the brilliant commentary the BU community demands. Thanks for keeping us giggling buds!

This is upsetting. @BU_FYI, you’re getting ghosted friend-o! It stinks but it’s just the way things go nowadays. Passive aggressive is the new “I’ve outgrown you.”

I will not lie to you folks. I thought this said murderdogs@gmail.com.


Also – anyone want to come with me?

:Sigh: I miss latkepalooza.


That’s it for me this week pals! I love you, I know you’re studying but don’t forget to sleep!

Photograph by @paulnicklen // A newborn harp seal pup rests on the sea ice with a belly full of milk that has some of the highest fat content of any species. This pup is so full of milk that it can’t seem to tuck its tongue back in its mouth. Even though it is -20c, this pup is fat, warm and satiated. Harp seals, like many seal species depend on sea ice for their survival. As global climate change reduces the extent, duration, and thickness of sea ice, these seal species are threatened with extinction. Reducing our carbon footprint on this Earth is the only hope for the survival of all pagophilic (ice loving) species. Go to sealegacy.org to learn more about the steps that we can all take to be more aware and take action. #followme on paulnicklen to see more pictures of these adorable and vulnerable seals. To see incomparable images of harp seals, #follow two my personal heroes, @daviddoubilet and @brianskerry // #seal #climatechangeisreal #nature #instagood #tbt #family #love #beauty #cute #natureloves #photooftheday @thephotosociety

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