Dorm Stories: Stuvi 1

Located right behind Agganis Arena at 10 Buick Street, Student Village 1 (known colloquially as Stuvi 1), the first of two student villages, opened in the fall of 2000.

This seventeen-story apartment-style residence houses 817 students of the junior and senior class in 185 four-person apartments and 31 two-person apartments.

Although the residence is a bit far from the main Charles River campus, it’s located by the gym, Agganis arena, West campus residences, and the student theater. Student Health Services and CGS are also nearby.

According to the residents, some of the positive aspects of Stuvi 1 include its proximity to a nearby BU bus stop, the T, and grocery stores such as Target and CVS. But for athletes, it’s the closeness to the gym that is the shining feature, allowing them to improve their game without sacrificing too much time commuting.

“It’s close to the athletics facilities, so if you’re on a team, it’s pretty convenient,” said Anna Streifel (SAR ’17).

Some of the drawbacks include its lack-of-proximity to the main university campus, so residents may have to wake up a little bit earlier if any of them have 8:00 classes at the Charles River Campus, as it’s about a 15-minute walk, depending on how lucky you are with the traffic lights. Or, students can hop on the BU Bus to get to the Med Campus.

Another drawback, says Jiahao Zhang (COM’17), is the noise. Zhang says that although it’s great that the dorm is very social, the pregaming around the dorm, starting Thursday nights and continuing through the weekend, is a turn off.

“I usually go to the library to study because it’s really noisy,” said Zhang.

For those that need a jolt of caffeine to stay awake – either for a big game, a party, or to finish that 10-page essay they’ve put off until tonight, there are definitely facilities that help keep certain “night owls” awake, including a Buick Street Market and Cafe and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Some features of Stuvi 1 include a multipurpose room on the 18th floor, perfect for hanging out and watching TV. There are group study rooms as well as music practice rooms, a great amenity for those who attend the College of Fine Arts right down the street. In the basement is a laundry room, mailboxes, a study lounge, as well as numerous smaller study and music rooms for the many College of Fine Arts students who reside at Stuvi 1.

Whether you’re a student athlete, an artist, or just an upperclassman looking for an upgrade from Warren, Stuvi 1 gives you a taste of apartment living, right on campus.

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