The Quad Gives Thanks

As we look back at the year, this is what makes the lives of our staff a little brighter!

Happy holidays!


Arianna Adirim-Lanza, Managing Editor: I am thankful for all of the opportunities that I have been given in life, for all of the donuts that I have had the opportunity to eat this semester with my roommate and for my beautiful friends and family back home who I am so excited to see this Thanksgiving!

Noemi Arellano-Summer, Senior Editor: Friends, family, cake, Malabrigo Rios yarn and caramel macchiatos.

Taylor Dean, Head Copy Editor: I’m thankful for my dogs, Snowy and Roxy.

Justine Erdin, Staff Writer: I’m thankful for my bed, Netflix and chocolate. Without those three it would be so much harder to not lose my mind during midterms and finals.

Yadira Flores, Editor-in-Chief: I’m thankful for white chocolate mochas, winter weather (for now), my single, shoe racks and Jane Austen.

Eric Huang, Marketer: I am thankful for a loving family, awesome friends, The Quad and a healthy set of legs to catch my next class.

Vi Hoang, Staff Writer: High-waisted jeans and poodles.

Maneesha Khalae, Staff Writer: My dog, my family,  coffee, chicken nuggets, Netflix, Parks and Rec, Friends and Panda Express.

Carolyn Komatsoulis, Head Photo Editor: Mayor Marty Walsh, Rhett’s Tater Tots, The Quad, my dogs, my roommate, chocolate, Toscanini’s, the big Target and the West campus dining hall #westisbest.

Mai-Han Nguyen, Illustrator: I’m thankful for my grandmother’s cooking.

Nastassia Velazquez, Staff Writer: I’m thankful for my allergy medicine that got me through seasonal allergies this past fall.

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