Fitrec, I Sing Praise to You

Photo of our gorgeous Fitness and Recreation building taken from Wikimedia.

Oh, Fitrec! How you calm the inner soul of my body with rigor.  As I enter your doors, my mind immediately begins to focus. The air of desire fills my mind, the smell of sweat only pushing me to work harder.

As I walk along the first floor on my way to the lockers, the first thing I notice is the placement of the rock wall to my right. It is a sign of welcome. Symbolized by its extension from the basement to first floor, the wall speaks out as if to say: “Come! I am open to you! How may I serve you?” It is the epitome of the building’s purpose of determination and exploration: you CAN climb that wall; try it! Someday, I tell myself, I will climb it.

When I continue on, I cannot help but glance at the swimmers below through the glass windows to my left. How beautiful they look, calm and serene, as if they are floating on air. The divers never cease to amaze me, spinning through the air like corkscrews and penetrating through the surface of the water with nothing but a ripple. As they glide effortlessly back up to the surface, ready to begin their next flight, I am forced to tear myself away and begin my own journey, an odyssey of the mind and body for which the time of return is unknown.

Both quiet and noisy at the same time, the fitness room on the first floor is a paradox. While over fifty machines are in use at a given moment, music drowns out all other background noise. Passing different machines in use, I cannot help but notice the determination in the eyes of every student. The eagerness is palpable and immediately becomes mine.

All other students disappear from my mind as my body prepares for the task at hand, whether it be lifting weights to the beat of the music or running three miles on the treadmill while watching the news. Energy flows through my veins as I metaphorically check off tasks on my journey’s agenda.

Sometimes my eyes drift to someone using a machine I have never used before, and I am eager to see how it works. Though I can see sweat pouring down her face, this student utilizes the machine with seeming ease. When it comes time for me to try it, I realize that, like the perfect arches of the divers in the pool, this seemingly effortless machine isn’t quite so easy. Instead of losing heart, I admire the machine’s past user and my determination to succeed builds even higher.

As I leave you, oh Fitrec, I impatiently await my next return. I thank you for giving me life, helping me feel better after a long day, and encouraging me to achieve my goals.

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Leia Poritz (CAS '11) is a campus writer for the Quad and currently a Senior at BU majoring in English. She hopes to someday work a publishing company in the editorial and children's literature department. Look out for Leia on the New York Times Bestseller list, because Leia also hopes to publish a bunch of children's fantasy books of her own in the near future.

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