Ahh. It feels so good when your favorite shows return after winter break, doesn’t it? “Supernatural” and “Greek” are back, and I had to forcibly stop myself from dancing around my room with glee while watching them. Here’s what you missed if you foolishly skipped the premieres to go to the library or something:

I must say that I was a little bit disappointed with “Supernatural” after the cliffhanger that was the last episode. I mean, the four horsemen of the apocalypse are riding around playing polo with people’s bodies, aren’t they? So why are Sam and Dean in a mental hospital hunting a brain-sucking monster? Not that I’m not glad for the move back to old-school “Supernatural” style.

Anyway, Sam and Dean are pretending to be crazy in order to be admitted to a mental hospital. A friend of their dad’s is holed up there and he needs help finding the monster that is attacking patients left and right. Sam and Dean attract all the hot doctors, and soon they have a lead. I’m always amazed by their brilliance – those boys are just so insightful.

Unfortunately, the hospital soon starts taking its toll on our boys, and they start hallucinating themselves. Sam has a lot of anger issues the doctors want him to work through. Dean rushes in right before the monster, disguised as a hot doctor (genius!) sucks out Sammy’s brain, and they narrowly escape security as they make a break for their shiny black ’67 Impala. Sam is seriously worried about his rage issues and wants to stay behind at the hospital for treatment (genius!), but Dean tells him to “bury it,” and they drive off into the creepy dark forest, classic “Supernatural” style.

I was quite happy with the episode over all – who doesn’t love Sam and Dean’s constant bickering, co-dependence, and last minute life-saving moves? I just want the whole deal with Lucifer to be over with so they can go back to fighting the little guys full-time. What do you think: will they kill Lucifer? I certainly hope not – there’s no EVIL without the dEVIL!

“Greek” was surprisingly suspenseful – hopefully a good omen for the rest of the season. I mean, I’m psyched that Cappie and Casey are finally back together, but I’m going to miss those cute moments when they were fighting and I couldn’t stop myself from screaming “JUST KISS HIM ALREADY!”

So they come back from break and Ashleigh is all Negative Nelly about everything, especially Cappie and Casey. Casey decides to help the Gamma Psi gals throw a beautiful ball to raise money for house repairs. Cappie doesn’t show up to help her set up, which makes Casey wonder if he’s really ready to be in a relationship with her again.

After encouraging Casey not to invest too much into her and Cappie for a few days, Ashleigh finally admits that she’s really just bitter at Fischer for cheating on her again. What a jerk, right? Casey finally admits to Cappie that she has been distant because she and the rest of the ZBZs burned down the Gamma Psi house, and Cappie admits he’s been down about Wade being kicked out for their prank last semester. They kiss, it’s cute, every lets out a happy little sigh.

Rusty ends up beating out Dale for the academic grant (yaaay!!!), but the best part by far is the final dance; After a rocky start with Calvin telling Grant he can’t be in a secret relationship any longer (sniff!), Grant decides he’s ready to go public and they dance together in front of everyone! The rest of the Omega Chis show their support of the couple by grabbing dates and dancing as well.

It’s such a beautiful fairy tale ending, I just wanted to throw on “Cinderella” and Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” at the same time and dance around my room in my prom dress.

That’s all for now, but I have some good news: I’m currently catching up on the first 5 seasons of “Lost,” so once that happens I’ll be reviewing that too! I’m only half way through the first season but I’m already so confused I don’t know what to do with myself. Until next week!

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