Whitehaus Family Record “Blastfest 3″

March 17, 2010


The Whitehaus Family Record, a collective of people in Jamaica Plain who host music, poetry, art events, are hosting “Blastfest 3,”a huge musical showcase this Saturday, March 20 at the Cambridge YMCA Theater in Central Square. The event will feature 26 musical acts and a magazine fair by the Papercut Zine Library. Blastfest is a large-scale do-it-yourself show–the kind of show Whitehaus Family really succeeds in organizing and presenting well.

Some of the performing acts out of Boston are Girlfriends, The Needy Visions, The Woodrow Wilsons, and Manners. The event will also include the release of The Whitehaus Family Record Family Record, a double LP with 26 tracks that cover nearly three years of music with The Whitehaus.

The price of the show is marked on a sliding scale of $5-10.