Tuesday Pre-Lost Predictions: Who is Richard??

Alright guys, I’m starting up a new section where we can hash out our “Lost” predictions before the new episode on Tuesdays. This week ABC’s teaser trailer has promised to answer all our questions about “the island’s most mysterious man,” Richard. Personally I find the man in black/smoke monster/John Locke more mysterious, but if they say so, I won’t argue. And after watching the first half of this season, I seriously doubt any of our questions will be answered. Ever. They’ve already introduced like 5 more groups of “Others” and they still haven’t told us how the original Others/Hostiles got to the island or what on earth they’re doing there. And, hello, Jacob? Just sayin’. So let me know what you think will happen, and then we can all gather together tonight after the episode airs and just scream out our frustrations at still having no answers.

Don't worry, Richard. We're just as confused as you are.

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