How to Choose A Fashion Magazine Subscription

March 29, 2010


If you’re a fashion fiend like me, then you know that a necessary part of any Fashionista’s lifestyle is the ubiquitous mainstream fashion magazine. We’ve all seen them; they entice us from displays at City Convenience and CVS. But at $4.99 a pop, buying your favorite magazines off the newsstand can get pricey. Magazine subscriptions are tantamount to a year long investment, so it’s important that you choose to subscribe to a magazine that can guarantee it will hold your interest even after “The Sex Issue” is released. Here’s a breakdown of the best in the biz, and how much a year long relationship will cost you:

Vogue (US):

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W Magazine:

Marie Claire:



Other mainstream and notable magazines to look into are InStyle, Glamour, Allure and Cosmopolitan. In case you still can’t choose, many magazines will give you a discount on a second subscription to another magazine if you order them both together. Vogue subscribers can get discount on a W Subscription and Marie Claire subscribers can easily include a year’s worth of Cosmopolitan with their order. The best part is that regular subscribers are the first to get special deals on a renewal. The rates change every year, put if you were already on their mailing list, you might get a better deal than others.