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It’s safe to say that for pretty much anyone, there’s nothing better than knowing you’re helping out your community.  In honor of the National Secular Service Day, the Humanists of Boston University did exactly that.

The Humanists of BU is a place for students that do not identify with any particular religion to be part of a group with those that hold similar views. They believe in promoting the quality of human life, and occasionally participate in community service and volunteer projects around Boston.

John McCargar and Tim Martinez, Presidents of the Humanists of BU, take a quick break before returning to cleaning up the esplanade. | Photo by Patricia Bruce

The National Secular Service Day takes place every year on the first Sunday of October, bringing together secular groups in their commitment to living ethical lives. On this day, secular groups throughout the nation go out and participate in various community service projects. This year, the National Secular Service Day took place on October 3, and though the BU Humanists were unable to meet on the exact National Secular Service Day, they did not let that hold them back. They teamed up with the Boston Atheists Society a week later on October 10 in order to help clean up the Charles River Esplanade.

Members of the Humanists of BU and the Boston Atheists Society trekked along the Charles River Esplanade with latex-free gloves and trash bags picking up Styrofoam, chip bags, stashes of unopened beer bottles, and other miscellaneous non-esplanade items, in order to help beautify the community. When all was said and done, seven bags of trash and one bag of recyclables were collected, in less than a three quarter mile stretch. With so much litter in such a short stretch, it just goes to show how much is actually out there and how much still needs to be dealt with.

A clean esplanade is a happy esplanade! | Photo by Patricia Bruce

As a part of the Humanists of BU, I can personally say that it was nice to go out and help make the esplanade even just a bit cleaner. So go out, take a break from studying, and volunteer! You will definitely find yourself walking away with a smile on your face.

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