The QuadCast: Ep 3: The Best of Boston Movies

March 9, 2011


Only the best for the city we call home | Photo courtesy of Flickr user Manu_H under the Creative Commons license

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day coming up next week, staff film writers David Braga, Monica Castillo and Paul Squire chat about the greatest Boston movies of all time. You’ve probably heard of The Departed and Good Will Hunting, but how about a hidden gem like The Friends of Eddie Coyle or The Boston Strangler? We run through them all (even Fever Pitch) on the way to crowning a champion (or champions) as the most Bostonian movie to grace the silver screen.

QuadCast Episode 3: Beyond Thunderdome

Author’s Note: Part one of Monica’s schedule for the South by Southwest Film Festival can be found here. She leaves Boston for Austin on Thursday morning, so expect Part two to go live tomorrow.

Starring: David Braga, Monica Castillo and Paul Squire

Editing by: Paul Squire

Intro Music: “Test Drive” by Zapac | Courtesy of Creative Commons