A Letter to Our Awesome Readers

Photo by Sharon Weissburg

This year, BU is seeing some big, fancy changes. There’s the new student center at 100 Bay State Road (or, as @budiningservice so affectionately refers to it, #HUNNY), the state-of-the-art fingerprint ID technology, new pedestrian malls, and, possibly most exciting of all, a Pinkberry in the GSU.

Much like BU, The Quad’s also undergoing some big, fancy changes, while remaining the same kickass, multifaceted Internet magazine it’s always been. This year, The Quad will roll out a new logo and a new look. We’ll continue to provide the BU community with our daily blog posts on fashion, music, food, film, and events on campus and in the city of Boston. We’ll also continue to produce biweekly issues featuring well-researched pieces on the goings-on of BU and the world, and cool and captivating photo stories from the cameras of our student photojournalists.

This year, we’ll further strengthen our on-campus presence. We’ll also continue to help our fellow terriers navigate their four years with orientation guides, how-tos, and plenty of coverage of all the amazing and sometimes under-the-radar stuff that happens at BU everyday.

As this semester’s editor-in-chief, I, Ingrid Adamow, along with Quad publisher Allan Lasser, the presently overseas former/editor-in-absentia Kelly Dickinson, and the rest of the super talented Quad editorial staff are excited to provide our friends and classmates at BU with content as awesome as our readers.

Ingrid Adamow
The Quad

P.S. Suggestions, concerns, hate mail or love letters: @buquad or The Quad – BU’s Independent Online Magazine on Facebook.

Ingrid Adamow

Ingrid Adamow (COM '14) is Editor-in-Chief and also a writer for The Quad. Ingrid is an advertising major and enjoys reading, writing, good music, fashion, coffee, and adventures around the city of Boston. But mostly coffee.

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