Greater Boston is Actually Really Great

September 4, 2012


Thanks to Sharon Weissburg for her suggestions and recommendations.

So, freshman, these are the first days of your new life. It’s up to you to remain in motion. It’s entirely possible to disappear within the Bermuda Triangle of your dormitory, CVS, and campus classrooms. The biggest mistake is holing yourself up in Warren Towers or West Campus. There’s an entire city living beyond the boundaries of Boston Univerisity; it’s up to you to explore and exploit it to the fullest. Hopefully this small directory can help pull you from away campus and into something resembling a real life.

First, here’s some friendly advice: Don’t let an hour’s walk dissuade you. Boston is big and public transportation doesn’t always get you everywhere. Most worthwhile destinations take some effort to reach.




Coolidge Corner has one of the best movie theaters in Boston. | Photo by Casey Germann

Sights & Scenes

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts. | Photo courtesy of Alexf via Wikimedia Commons

I sincerely hope I’ve convinced you to wander. I hardly left Warren Towers my freshman year and I really do regret it. There’s so much to see and no reason to wait, especially with winter coming up quick. Go get ‘em, tiger!