Rocking the Gravy Boat: New Dining Options Around Campus

The construction of the Student Center at 100 Bay State Road, affectionately dubbed “GS2” by some, was only the beginning of culinary change that rocked BU’s campus during the summer. Those of us who chose to remain on Comm Ave between June and August witnessed the construction tarps that shrouded in mystery familiar parts of the GSU and Warren Towers, while possibilites such as Taco Bell and Pinkberry were thrown around in speculation. Now, the fall semester is finally in session and (most of) our questions have been answered.

The new dining hall on 100 Bay State Road. | Photo by Marry Pivazian.

100 Bay State Road: The new dining hall is probably at the center of attention, as it effectively absorbed the eateries of Myles Standish Hall, Shelton Hall, and Towers. As a part of BU’s initiative to have all dining halls on par with each other, it spans two floors and boasts flat screen digital displays of the day’s menu as well as fancier china. There is also a noticeable effort to spice up the menu with their international station, which includes a pasta machine imported from Italy. For those with dietary needs, two entire kitchens are devoted to vegan and gluten-free meals, while Rize Café and Bakery churns out fresh breads and smoothies at all hours. There is something certainly to be said of the variety 100BSR accommodates, which the former dining halls of Bay State Road could not, although some old favorites (beef noodle bowls, anyone?) are still present.

The new fingerprint and tap system for swiping into the dining hall. | Photo by Marry Pivazian.

Pinkberry: BU Dining services caused much excitement on campus back in July when it sent out a series of coy tweets hinting at the addition of this popular froyo chain to the GSU’s repertoire. Surely enough, Pinkberry’s fourth Bostonian location is finally through with renovations and is currently in business as of last Friday.

Jamba Juice: Formerly located in the GSU, Jamba now has its very own store front in Warren Towers, replacing Olecito.

As expected, the rumor of a Taco Bell at 100BSR remains unanswered. And only time will tell if replacing Bowls & Rolls with Cheese Station was an appropriate decision, or if the new dining hall will be consistent in its attempts to impress. What can be said for certain, at least by anyone with a meal plan this semester, is goodbye to dining points!

Vijayta Narang

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