FASHION S(QUAD): Suddenly September

Terrierrrs! Come out and plaaay-y-yay!! | Image courtesy of tumblr

Holy mackerel, people everywhere! The semester has kicked off to a swinging start. Comm Ave bustles with ferocious new intensity—internal clocks violently resetting from summertime hours into the rollicking frenzy of a new year. The road to class—whether by Comm Ave, Kenmore, or St. Mary’s Street—is, naturally, paved with style as students strut their stuff and embrace the ripening hour of sweater weather. Welcome back to FASHION S(QUAD), friends. It’s going to a one great semester.

Andrew (CAS 14) takes on clashing patterns in the chillest way possible. Photo by Sharon Weissburg.
Andrew (CAS 14) takes on clashing patterns in the chillest way possible | Photo by Sharon Weissburg
Laura Nelson rocks the autumnal maroon with a sweater from H&M and some sweet Steve Madden booties | Photo by Sharon Weissburg
Killa DM sighting! | Photo by Sharon Weissburg
Allison, an Allston resident strolling through BU campus, got this sweet blazer from Oona’s in Cambridge | Photo by Sharon Weissburg
Josh, CAS ’14, is a proud Atlanta native and owner of some very choice accessories | Photo by Sharon Weissburg.
Julie, CAS ’16, transitions seamlessly into fall weather with a breezy-yet-sophisticated sleeveless shell and a luscious velveteen skirt | Photo by Sharon Weissburg.
Jacqlene, COM ’16, likes her patterns wild, but keeps things chic in black and white | Photo by Sharon Weissburg

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