What is “Ingredient of the Week”?


Working in the kitchen can get messy, especially if you’re a student on a budget. Who wants to go out and spend $10 on pistachios or pumpkin seeds that you’ll only use once? I certainly don’t, and I don’t think you do either, which is why I created Ingredient of the Week.

The premise behind this column is to provide a breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe that all have one ingredient in common. This way, the peanut butter you used in last night’s sesame noodles will also be useful for the following day’s apple doughnuts and twisted elvis sandwich. Or maybe you have some extra pumpkin purée left over from the pumpkin pie you made and want to create a breakfast out of it. All of these situations are ones that I have found myself in and I have taken the liberty to share my experiences with other college students in the hope that it will save you some money and teach you a little more about the ingredients in your cupboard.

The recipes included in this column come from various food blogs, cookbooks, magazines and my own head. The ingredients I feature are usually found in your cupboard and can always be found in the local grocery store.

While I try to include a variety of ingredients, I will sometimes fall into the patterns of my own diet. I encourage you to email or tweet at me with any suggestions for ingredients you would like featured so that the collection can be as diverse as possible.

It’s both challenging and rewarding to find recipes for each meal of the day with a common ingredient, but it has opened my eyes to trying new foods and combinations I never would have otherwise. If some of these recipes seem too far out for you, I urge you to try them. You never know when something like breakfast pizza will become your new favorite staple.

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I am a foodie who loves chocolate, dogs and California. I hope to write for a food magazine one day. Let me know if you have any suggestions for Ingredient of the Week.

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