BU TweetCreep Dec. 9-15

Hey creepers, how’re you holding up? Between the crucible of finals and the arctic vortex of misery attacking our bare ankles, this week has been an absolute nightmare. As some of you aggressively pointed out to me recently, I am not on campus and do not have finals but I swear I’m still relatable!!! I feel your pain!!! But this isn’t about me, this is about all three of you loyal readers out there looking for some relief from your essays/take home finals/exams/projects/career searches/demanding work-study jobs etc. And if you’re all done and enjoying free time with your pals, hug a sad friend today.

Here are some shiny links from around the cyber:

Weed is legal!!! Yay! 420 blaze!!! This is what you can and can’t do with it! 

Your crucial longread for the week is brought to you by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

A perfect depiction of every date you’ve ever been on.

Love letters to an iconic woman.


Lampshade Susan. It’s just fun!


Finally! The Tweets!!! 

There’s nothing I love more than seeing people I respect and fear drunkenly expressing their distaste for their careers and coworkers. It’s a magical time that no one should skip out on. Go to the office holiday party guys. Network your lil hearts out.

Not just a great win, the best win! BU Women’s Lacrosse won big league and is taking back this great country by focusing on jobs jobs jobs and coal and the F-35 program. SAD! #MAGA


What is it though? Do you just get the locking cooler or is it filled with cider or what? Even the pub seems kind of uninterested in this one. It’s like when you forgot to get a gift for an acquaintance on their birthday but then you show up at their house party only to find that everyone else is showering them in presents and you frantically dig through your backpack and just kind of hand them an old eraser or something. We all bring backpacks to parties right? #relatable


You’re a food program. I would hope you snack better than this. This is what I eat in bed while watching Ally McBeal. Step it up gastronomy, I’m insulted.

And then they amputated four of her fingers, for her delicate hands were exposed to the cold for too long while trying to google “definition of avail.”

I do!!! I love yogurt!!! Can we intern in the yogurt vat? #yogurtvat #yogurt #yogurt #probiotic #activeculture #yogurt #InternWithYogurt #PutYogurtOnYourResume #eatmoreyogurt #WHENISAYYOGURTYOUSAYYOGURT #YOGURT #YOGRUT #YOuGRT #YGRT #ded


Peace, love, Sheryl! See you next semester buds!!!


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