Happy Holidays! Now where are the presents?

Dear Santa / other gift-bringing entities,

We’ve been good this year. Here is the Quad’s wishlist:

– Monthly sock subscription (Yadira Flores, Staff Writer)
– Convenience points (Carolyn Komatsoulis, Staff Photographer)
– A Bundt cake pan (Carly Sitrin, Senior Editor)
– Fuzzy socks (Surabhi Subramanian, Copy Editor)
– A trip to Disney World (Taylor Dean, Head Copy Editor)
– Time with friends and family after this hectic semester (Prithvi Tikhe, Staff Writer)
– Wool socks (Paige Hill, Copy Editor)
– Touchscreen gloves for those days when it’s really freaking cold (Nastassia Velazquez, Staff Writer)
– A job after graduation (Michelle Cheng, Managing Editor)
– Grown up things, like employment and socks (Allie Wimley, Head Photo Editor)
– An official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle
– A mild Boston winter, or at least get a new coat to survive it (Hallie Smith, Editor-in-Chief)
– For any interested BU students to join our team!

Happy Holidays and Finals Week from the Quad!

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