Boston To Austin: My Trip to SXSW

Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore
Sondre Lerche at Lustre Pearl
Jay from French Miami at the WOXY showcase at Emo's

Worcester musician, Sam James

A guy I met from the UK band, Viva City
Sub Pop's Dum Dum Girls

The Dutchess and The Duke

Music journalism panel at the Austin Convention Center

The band Nico Stai

6th Street during the day
Dr. Dog at Cedar Street Court

Scott from Dr. Dog

Full view of the courtyard at the Dr. Dog show

Steve Theo of Boston's Pirate Promotion and Management on the Cedar Street balcony

The MWTX outdoor stage audience
A backwards view of Gordon from Frightened Rabbit at the end of the band's set

Brooklyn's Aa

Suckers at the Galaxy Room Backyard


Jeremy Messersmith

The Watson Twins at the Central Presbyterian Church

Tommy from Jukebox the Ghost at Antone's

Abe Vigoda at Barbarella

Abe Vigoda

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Jennifer Brown (COM '10) is a music writer for the Quad. She started working with national indie music acts and booking shows/interviews during her sophomore year of high school at Penn State's WKPS. She then traveled to Germany and explored the techno/HAUS scene and her love for all-things German. After that she worked at WKPS some more before finding her "home" at Boston University where she was a music director at WTBU. She has since added to her resume Pirate Promotion and Management, On A Friday, and the Cambridge Chronicle. Jen is now in Germany, taking some classes and booking shows.

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4 Comments on “Boston To Austin: My Trip to SXSW”

  1. Awesome!! Soo good to see you there, and same thing running into people all weekend for me! My biggest regrets were missing French Miami + Abe Vigoda. Best shows – first night Longbranch Inn show w/ a bunch of brooklyn bands + friends (Grooms + Sisters + JEFF the Brotherhood were all rad). Les Savy Fav at the Vice after party was pretty amazing as well. Filter all that through too many Shiner Bocks/Fireman’s Four/Lone Star beers, and you get an awesome SXSW

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