The Fourth Annual Chocolate Festival

This weekend, hundreds of chocolate lovers flocked over to Harvard Square to take advantage of the bounty of free chocolate treats up for grabs at the Fourth Annual Chocolate Festival. Cocoa connoisseurs were uninhibited by the frigid temperature outside, and the apprehension of free shots of hot chocolate definitely did not hinder their desire to join in the festivities. Sponsors such as The Just Crust Pizzeria, Ben & Jerry’s, J.P. Licks, and countless other delectably chocolatey confectionary businesses set up booths to offer samples of new products to the hungry chocolate aficionados in attendance. The lines to sample the sinfully sweet goodies spanned across the streets of Harvard Square. There was no shortage of chocolate enthusiasts. Those who were not fortunate enough to make it this year should make sure to plan ahead for next year and mark their calendars as soon as possible.


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