April in Thirty Seconds

There are so many tiny, fleeting moments in life—beautiful, tragic, awkward, funny, ordinary moments. It’s hard to remember them all. That is why I’ve tasked myself with recording a second of my life every day for a month. This series is a compilation of one second videos shot every day during the month of April. It shows a snippet of my life as a second semester senior at Boston University.

My last full month of undergrad went by way too quickly. Reflecting on April, it was a month of lasts. Last day of undergrad classes, last time studying for finals, last ‘slumber party’ at Mugar (hopefully), last (not annoying) BU alert, last time sprinting to class, last time waiting for the BU Shuttle, last radio show, last time being able to write “student” and not “unemployed” on my medical forms (ouch), and last time seeing many of the friends I’ve made in the past four years.

A lot of goodbyes were said in April. Bye to my Quad family, Rep Records family, WTBU family, and BU family. April was filled with great music, hilarious comedy shows, many birthdays, T rides, knighting ceremonies, dance breaks, and too many nights spent on the second floor of the library.

Some featured events include:

Holi (Indian Color Festival), The Clothesline Project run by SARP (Sexual Assault Awareness Week), Liquid Fun 24hr Comedy Marathon (a whole lot of comedy), Speak for Yourself (slam poetry), Études by Kenji Nakayama Opening Reception at Fourth Wall Project (art show), Slow Children at Play (more comedy!), the Boston Marathon, The International Justice Mission (bringing awareness to human trafficking and slavery), BU Fencing Club, and a brief shot of my acceptance email into the Teaching Assistant in France Program (TAPIF) for this coming fall!

Cool music includes:

Rep Records Extreme Pita Acoustic Night featuring Paul CoppolaMark Gilday Jr.Folk from the Kitchen, and Tom Maroon; The WTBU & Rep Records Awards Show ft Orca OrcaThe Rare Occasions, and QuarrelsGrey Season Album Release Show; Xenia Rubinos at Great Scott; Monday’s Left of the Dial‘s in-studio with Paul Coppola;  and Andrew Jackson Jihad free show at Northeastern.

To make this video I used a wonderful Android app called 1 Second Everyday, which has been a huge help in organizing all my videos. If you’re considering starting a 1 Second Project and don’t feel like messing with a video-editing software or mind recording with your cell phone, definitely look into this app.

And now after those goodbyes and finals, here’s to what post-grad life has in store (aka hanging out on my porch and going to a million shows).

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Kara Korab (CAS '14) is a photographer and sometimes writer that hails from Silver Spring, Maryland but if you ask her she will probably just tell you DC because let's be honest you're not really sure where Maryland is. On a typical evening you can find Kara at some live music venue blowing up instagram and getting 'way too into it.' Kara is studying International Relations and History and studied abroad in both Paris and DC and probably talks way to much about it.

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